Building Your Wardrobe: Coats

If you take your time to get dressed in the morning, worrying about your clothing and ensuring that you always look great, you might hate covering all of that work up with your coat. And why shouldn’t you? Most often, we have one or two coats that we switch between that aren’t anything great at all. In fact, most of us will have a standard black trench and maybe one that is a little thicker.

Investing in coats is a great way to increase the lifetime of your wardrobe and help yourself to push your creative mind. Here are some to get started:


Of course, it rains here – and almost all of us have a raincoat in our wardrobe. However, while many people will have black or brown slickers, why should a fashionista? A brightly colored raincoat that is high quality (meaning, they keep you dry) is a great investment for anyone who has to go outside on a daily basis, which is most of us.


A puffer jacket is another must have item for anyone. While they aren’t always as fashionable, they help to protect your wardrobe and keep you warm – which is the most important part. Make sure that you get something with some thickness and some padding – if you aren’t going to look your best, you do want to be warm.

Remember, getting sick is never in fashion.


Great for casual or dressing up, leather jackets (or faux leather, if you’d prefer that) are a smart and beautiful purchase. This is an investment piece because leather jackets never really go out of style. Instead, they can serve different purposes. Use them to keep yourself warm, travel with them, or embrace your edge when you want to.

Crop It

We don’t always love our arms, which is why we all should have cropped jackets for those special occasions.

A Statement Piece

Want to really make people talk? Get a statement coat that will help to push your wardrobe into something new. Whether it is just a good jacket in a different color or pattern, or something that is lined, don’t fear something new and exciting.

Remember that a jacket’s main purpose is to keep you warm, but you don’t have to make that its only purpose.

Image by StockSnap licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)