Style of the Season: Long Dresses

Dresses are great for so many different reasons. They are comfortable, they allow us to gain or lose a little weight and they still look pretty great. Longer dresses are even better because you don’t have to shave your legs, you can layer them with tights, and they come in so many different styles.

Still, people shy away from these styles. Why? They are afraid of what they look like or don’t know how to get a dress that will look appropriate for a certain event.

Here are some styles you can consider – and they will look great in many situations:

Formal Maxis

To build up a wardrobe of longer dresses, a great formal dress that you can pull out at any occasion is a perfect place to start. You will always need one, so investing in a dress you love and will wear over and over again is key.

Casual Maxis

Casual dresses are the ones that you can throw on to go to the grocer or put on when you are lounging around the house. Get one in a few different colors and see how far you can go.

Color Blocking

Worried about wearing a dress that is head to toe one color or pattern? A color-blocked maxi is a great way to ease those fears. Try getting one that is solid on the top and then has a pattern at the bottom for the best look. To start, maybe you want to go with neutrals or pure color blocking and then you can work your way up to patterns or styles that are different.


Just by adding a floral print or using some ruffles toward the bottom, your long dress has now turned romantic. This is a great dress for a date where you aren’t quite sure where you are going (pair it with sandals or wedges so you aren’t too formal) and also a great look for brunch with your gal pals.


If you aren’t the type of person who wants to wear a flowy dress, consider one that has more structure. A structured dress can have buttons or ties, or it can simply be one that is made out of a stiffer fabric. You can add a belt, throw on some shoes, and you will look ready to rule the boardroom. However, you can still embrace some of the femininity that we all want to have.

Dresses come in so many different styles and since they are so comfortable, there is no excuse not to love them.

Image by xusenru licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)