How To Bring Sequins Into Your Wardrobe

No matter what decade you look at, you will notice something similar about each one: some designer somewhere is using sequins. Why? They tend to be a bit more fashion-forward than glittery – and they tend to last longer as well. Glitter is usually sprayed on and comes off quickly, whereas high-quality sequins will be sewn on individually so that they always look perfect, no matter what.

Even better, you can replace them easily with just a few stitches. Want to add more sequins to your wardrobe? Here are some new ways to do it:


When you have sequins on your neck, you are always going to have a necklace that will better keep its shape and look great, no matter what. Even better, you are able to invest in more of a statement piece because you can have almost any color you want.


Let’s be honest – bags can be pretty boring. If you have a bag that has sequins on it, you are more likely to want to use it. Just make sure that you get one with some reinforced stitching, especially if you tend to stuff your bags full of things and put pressure on the seams.

You can also get pieces that are just highlighted with sequins.

Layering Pieces

By layering your sequins, you are able to give a hint of glitter without going all the way. Even better, it adds some texture to your overall wardrobe – something we could all use. Just make sure that you buy something that doesn’t look too cheap – it will show in this quantity.

Remember that sequins can sometimes snag on other fabrics, so you do want to be careful about what you use to layer it within regards to silks or satins.

All Over

Really want to go over the top when it comes to your sequins? Consider getting a jacket or sweater made entirely out of sequins. This will allow you to show off your glittery style, but maybe not keep it on all day, every day. Instead, you can wear it when you feel like wearing it and take it off when you feel like doing so. Once again, make sure that you remember to get a jacket or sweater that is lined.

How will you add sequins to your wardrobe?

Image by Anna_Bella  licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)