Natural Fabrics To Wear

One of the most recent movements in fashion has been to wear more natural fabrics – fabrics that haven’t been treated with harsh chemicals or have been mass produced using toxic dyes. Even more importantly for some people, they are looking for fabrics that don’t do as much damage to the earth itself.

Up until now, this wasn’t necessarily the style of people who were fashionable. This was the style of those hippies that only ate vegetables and believed in crystals. However, research shows that more people are looking for alternatives – and we are here to provide you with some.

Let’s take a look:


Abaca, which is often used in shoes, is a great fabric that everyone should consider when looking for clothing and shoes. This material can also be called Manila hemp, as it comes from a trunk of the abaca plant, which is native to the Phillippines. However, it is a tree that is pretty easy to gro wand can be found in many humid tropics.

One thing to note is that harvesting this material is quite a bit of work, so you will have to pay a little more. However, as the materials are so high quality, these will last you a long time.


Frequently used in scarves, Alpaca wool is one of the best fabrics to embrace, especially for those who live in a colder climate. Alpaca is a natural resource that doesn’t harm the animal at all. In fact, Alpacas have to lose their wool at some point.

As long as you source your alpaca from a reliable place, you don’t’ have to worry about mistreatment.


One of the best known fabrics, cashmere is the ultimate natural fabric to embrace – especially for sweaters. Cashmere has always just been a little more luxurious and fashion forward. A great cashmere sweater is something that you can buy today and wear it twenty years from now and it will still be just as fashionable.


Similar to cashmere, silk is a natural fabric that just doesn’t go out of style. Everything from lingerie to robes to shirts can be made out of silk. This is a natural fabric that you do have to take good care of because even a little stain will ruin it forever. Make sure that you spray any and all perfumes directly on your body and allow them to dry before you put the silk onto your skin.

What other natural fabrics do you want to try?

Image by StockSnap licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)