How To Work Structure Into Your Wardrobe

Too often, so many of us are afraid of going out and trying to add some structure to our wardrobes. Why? Because we are worried that we will look too “hard” or too scary when we do it. For many years, structure was only something that happened in more military style clothing or in clothing that you saw on the runway.

Not anymore.

In today’s world, more people are adding structured outfits to their wardrobes and pushing themselves to try new silhouettes.

But how can the everyday woman get this look? Here are some options:

Structured Handbags

The most classic piece of structured clothing that we all need is a great structured handbag. This is the bag that will stand up on its own, keep its shape, and generally looks very sharp when compared to other bags. They tend to be a little bit bigger and aren’t as decorated – they are usually made of a good leather or faux leather with piping.

The best way to use this is as a daily bag or a work bag – but don’t use it when you go out at night. That is the time to be a little crazy.

Structured Dresses

Structured dresses can seem a little old fashioned, but there is a reason that they have stuck around so long. They tend to have a more “fit and flare” type style and they are usually made out of fun patterns or at least bright colors. They are also great to dress up and style in many different ways. You can go completely kitsch and play up that “housewife” vibe or you can make them a little more modern – it is up to you.


Of course, blazers are the quintessential structured piece of fashion. They are worn by everyone, men, women, prep school boys, and even politicians. There is a reason for this as well – they make you look and feel just a little bit more regal and like you can do just about anything.


Even for people who don’t like to wear pants frequently, structured pants are a must have. These are the pants that you can wear with a tight fitting blouse and look at little more sleek – or you can wear them with something that is flowy and look a little more comfortable. Structured pants often require some more tailoring and you absolutely want to pair them with heels.

Which structured look will you wear?

Image by  Free-Photos licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)