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What to Wear on a Date

What should you wear when you go on a date? This is a question that we see quite often because it is important. What you wear on your date will dictate how you feel about yourself while you are there and how your date feels about you. When you get dressed, you have to think about the impression that you will make.

Here are some serious tips to make a seriously good impression:

First Date Fabulous

First dates are simultaneously the best and the worst. You want to show off your personality and highlight yourself in the right way. By taking the time to look at your wardrobe, you will be putting your best foot forward. Here are some of your first date outfit essentials: a great dress that isn’t too short, a jacket that will keep you warm if the night goes long, and fantastic accessories that will draw the eye to your face.

Ready For Steady

Are you ready for that commitment? When you are settling down and you want someone to take the chance on you, you might start to dress just a little differently. You can wear a slinky black dress to gather the attention, killer heels to amp up the volume, and just a touch of perfume so that your scent lingers long after you are gone.

Long Term Relationship

Have you been going with your cutie for some time and you want to keep the heat turned up – or you just want to make him or her proud that you are theirs? Whether you have been dating for a few months or a few years, you still want them to think you are attractive. While sweatpants and their t-shirt might be a regular part of your wardrobe, there are some other things to consider as well.

You can be comfortable, so wear denim and a great top that still shows off your curves or a dress that is just spicy enough to leave them wanting more.

No matter where you are in your relationship, it is important to note that what you wear can dictate quite a few things – from how close you are going to get to how you make that special someone feel. You don’t have to dress up every day if you don’t want to, but making a move to look nice a few times a week will keep that someone feeling special.

Insider Packing Tips for Summer Vacations

There are a ton of insider tips and tricks when it comes to packing for vacation. With a few days to go before your big trip, you want to get yourself organized and make a list of what you might need. However, even if you are prepared for your trip, you might find that you are lacking some of the most important items on your trip.

We’ll break down how to pack so that doesn’t happen. Here is our plan:


The first thing you want to do is come up with a list of what you think you will need when you travel. One way to do this is to get ready in the morning and with each step you take, write down what you will need for the entire time. You want to think about things you’ve forgotten in the past as well. Plan for everything, and then as the trip gets closer, you can cut back as you need.

By prepacking, you are also ensuring that your clothing is ready to go – you don’t have to launder anything at the last minute.

If you tend to over pack, you might want to consider getting either vacuum travel bags or bigger luggage, depending on what is possible for your vacation.

What to Bring

Remember that comfort is important when you are traveling, so put a lot of thought into what you will wear. Think about wrinkles both inside of your back and on your journey. You’ll probably be cold as you travel, but if you are going someplace warm, you don’t want to be stuck with only warm clothing. This is why layers are your friend. Always bring a lightweight scarf wherever you go. This can be used in so many different situations. Maybe you want a cover when you are traveling. Maybe you will want something to cover your shoulders when you are in a tank top. A great scarf can be used as an accessory in so many different ways – from a belt to a wrap.

Also remember that you probably won’t need heels, wherever you go. Bring a nice pair of flats that you can wear on the go and call it a day.

When it comes to colors, pick a color scheme that will work for you so that you can match your accessories, bags, and everything else to it.

Where are you planning to go on your next trip?

Fashion Dos

This year, how are you going to look your best and impress everyone around you? No matter what season, there are some fashion dos and fashion don’t – but the warmer months have quite a few more than any other season.

Still, there are many people that just don’t know how to dress during the warmest months – or just when you will be moving around a lot. They are too hot, too cold, or just wear things that don’t flatter them. Many people need help with some fashion dos.

Here are just a few:

Natural Fibers are Better

Natural fibers will always be a better way to stay cool. Opt for cotton, linen, or even rayon to feel better in the sunshine. You’ll be able to get a breeze onto your skin and dry off if you do start to sweat.

Think Loose

Many of us believe that we look better in tighter clothing, but you might not when you will be warm, Looser clothing ensures that your clothing doesn’t cling to your sweat. Even better, it looks great tucked into a skirt or worn under a light blazer.

Shorts Need to Fit

Many people think that they don’t look good in shorts because they never buy a pair that fits them. You want to get shorts that are the correct size and fall at an appropriate length. When in doubt, go a little longer for more coverage.

Denim Is Still Fun

Many people disregard denim in the warm months because they think that it will be too hot – but it isn’t. You can wear denim in other ways – like as a light jacket over a sun dress, in a good shoe, or even as a belt for your favorite linen jeans. Trying to stay cool is all about rethinking the fabrics we know and love.


There is no time like a warm day to wear white. It shows off your tan and works perfectly to keep you cool. Aren’t ready to wear white? Throw on a pair of clean white sneakers and you will always be cute and comfortable.

Cold Shoulders

The cold shoulders trend is one of the best ones to embrace in the warmth. It allows you to show off some skin, but not too much, and get some air to your body when it is just too hot.

Remember that you need to be comfortable no matter what temperature it is – but that doesn’t mean that you have to forsake all of your personal style.

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