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Finding Your Skin’s Undertones and How it Helps

If you have ever tried to wear something and almost immediately realized that it didn’t look all that great on you, you may have found something that so many of us have found before you: not all colors and shades look good on all people. There is a reason for this – it has to do with both the colors of your skin and the undertones of your skin as well.

You might have noticed this before – for example, many people don’t like to wear pink because it looks like it makes their faces pinker than before – or maybe they don’t like to wear yellow because it makes them look sallow.

All of this has to do with the undertones of your skin.

What Are the Undertones?

Undertones are simple and easy to remember because we already know many of the colors – but there could be surprising. They are as follows:

  • Cool(pink, red or bluish undertones)
  • Warm(yellow, peachy, golden undertones)
  • Neutral(a mixture of warm and cool undertones)

Remember that your undertones can be anything – pale girls can be warm toned and darker women can be cool toned.

So how do you figure out what the undertones are?

Check Your Veins for Undertones

Look at the veins on your wrist – you should see that they are blue or green. If you have a more bluish color to your veins, you are probably cool toned. If they are greenish, you are warm toned. Your veins aren’t actually this color – that is just how they look through your skin.

Some people have a neutral skin tone, which is luckily what most companies build make-up for.

Why Knowing Your Skin Tone is So Important

Knowing your skin tone is important for many things. First, it will help you determine which jewelry to wear. Girls who have cool undertones look better with silver jewelry, whereas warm toned people look better in gold jewelry.

Knowing your undertones can also help when choosing what color to put in your hair. People with cool toned skin look better with blue, silver, violet, or ash toned hairs. Warmer toned people look better with strawberry, blonde, red, brown, or black hair.

Of course, knowing your skin tone also helps you to better understanding which colors look the best on you.

You Are Skipping This Skincare Step

If you have been paying attention to recent skincare trends, you know that Korean Beauty or K-Beauty has been extremely popular. However, many of us do not have enough time in our busy schedules to follow a 12-step skin care routine every single day – and sometimes twice a day. So how can we get that beautiful Korean skin?

You can start by adding in just one step – a step that will make all the difference if you keep up with it on a regular basis. What is that skin care step? Putting on a PRE MASK.

A pre-mask allows you to make your skin more receptive to the skincare techniques that you use. Use it before you use a mask, before you peel your skin, or before you spray some toner on your face.

It is important to note that there aren’t too many pre-masks on the market just yet, but many companies will be adding them within the next few months. You want to use these with almost any type of mask, though they don’t seem to work as well with the peel off masks.

Pre-Mask Mask

One of the major reasons we suggest adding this to your skincare routine is because a mask is a very easy thing to do. You can do many other things while you are wearing a mask and most of these only last about 10 minutes or so, which is a perfect amount of time to read a chapter in a book or to watch a YouTube video.

You probably won’t see much difference in your skin when you do this mask, but you will be able to see it once you have removed the mask. Your skin will look fuller, plumper, and you might think that you can skip your next step altogether – but do not. Your skin is now ready for the next step and the treatments that you want to use.

Skin needs to be ready for any type of treatment you want to use, so many sure that you stay on top of your skincare at all times. However, if you are looking for just a little perk in your skincare routine, consider investing in a mask before the mask

Insider Packing Tips for Summer Vacations

There are a ton of insider tips and tricks when it comes to packing for vacation. With a few days to go before your big trip, you want to get yourself organized and make a list of what you might need. However, even if you are prepared for your trip, you might find that you are lacking some of the most important items on your trip.

We’ll break down how to pack so that doesn’t happen. Here is our plan:


The first thing you want to do is come up with a list of what you think you will need when you travel. One way to do this is to get ready in the morning and with each step you take, write down what you will need for the entire time. You want to think about things you’ve forgotten in the past as well. Plan for everything, and then as the trip gets closer, you can cut back as you need.

By prepacking, you are also ensuring that your clothing is ready to go – you don’t have to launder anything at the last minute.

If you tend to over pack, you might want to consider getting either vacuum travel bags or bigger luggage, depending on what is possible for your vacation.

What to Bring

Remember that comfort is important when you are traveling, so put a lot of thought into what you will wear. Think about wrinkles both inside of your back and on your journey. You’ll probably be cold as you travel, but if you are going someplace warm, you don’t want to be stuck with only warm clothing. This is why layers are your friend. Always bring a lightweight scarf wherever you go. This can be used in so many different situations. Maybe you want a cover when you are traveling. Maybe you will want something to cover your shoulders when you are in a tank top. A great scarf can be used as an accessory in so many different ways – from a belt to a wrap.

Also remember that you probably won’t need heels, wherever you go. Bring a nice pair of flats that you can wear on the go and call it a day.

When it comes to colors, pick a color scheme that will work for you so that you can match your accessories, bags, and everything else to it.

Where are you planning to go on your next trip?

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