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How to Find the Best Sundress For Your Shape

Some of our favorite things to wear are sundresses because they look so good on just about every shape. No matter what time of the year it is, a sundress is easy to wear. In the summer, you can just throw it on. In the winter months, you can add it to a cardigan and leggings combo for the best results.

But how do you find the best sun dress for your body shape?

Here are a few tips:

A- Line Sundresses

A-line sundresses is flattering for just about all body shapes. It balances out all parts of your body and is forgiving if you eat a big lunch. Because it slightly flares at the hemline, it will even out people who carry a little bit more weight in the belly, but still skims your curves so that people can see you do have a shape. The one area you need to pay attention in an a-line sundress is the neck – that can really change the entire dress. A higher neck is better for people who have larger chests whereas a lower neckline can give the appearance of a larger chest.

Wrap Sundresses

Somewhat elusive in the sundress world, the wrap sundress is a perfect addition to any wardrobe. If you are apple or hourglass shaped, you will look absolutely amazing in a wrap dress. However, pears and athletic bodies can look great in those as well. Because you do the wrapping, you get some personal control over just how your dress looks. Make sure to try different types of wrapping (and different ties) to see just how you will look.

Shift Sundresses

Shift sundresses are great for days when it is really hot and you don’t want anything touching your skin. This is perfect because it doesn’t skim your body, but it still has a shape so that you don’t look too boxy. Many women don’t like this shape and it isn’t always flattering on everyone – so make sure you try it on.

Fit and Flare Sundresses

If you like to highlight your stunning figure, a fit and flare sundress might be the best one for you – especially if you are a pear or an hourglass shape. Your waistline and busy will be accentuated and you can hide some of your “problem” areas easily.

Which sundress will you be wearing this week?

Fashion Dos

This year, how are you going to look your best and impress everyone around you? No matter what season, there are some fashion dos and fashion don’t – but the warmer months have quite a few more than any other season.

Still, there are many people that just don’t know how to dress during the warmest months – or just when you will be moving around a lot. They are too hot, too cold, or just wear things that don’t flatter them. Many people need help with some fashion dos.

Here are just a few:

Natural Fibers are Better

Natural fibers will always be a better way to stay cool. Opt for cotton, linen, or even rayon to feel better in the sunshine. You’ll be able to get a breeze onto your skin and dry off if you do start to sweat.

Think Loose

Many of us believe that we look better in tighter clothing, but you might not when you will be warm, Looser clothing ensures that your clothing doesn’t cling to your sweat. Even better, it looks great tucked into a skirt or worn under a light blazer.

Shorts Need to Fit

Many people think that they don’t look good in shorts because they never buy a pair that fits them. You want to get shorts that are the correct size and fall at an appropriate length. When in doubt, go a little longer for more coverage.

Denim Is Still Fun

Many people disregard denim in the warm months because they think that it will be too hot – but it isn’t. You can wear denim in other ways – like as a light jacket over a sun dress, in a good shoe, or even as a belt for your favorite linen jeans. Trying to stay cool is all about rethinking the fabrics we know and love.


There is no time like a warm day to wear white. It shows off your tan and works perfectly to keep you cool. Aren’t ready to wear white? Throw on a pair of clean white sneakers and you will always be cute and comfortable.

Cold Shoulders

The cold shoulders trend is one of the best ones to embrace in the warmth. It allows you to show off some skin, but not too much, and get some air to your body when it is just too hot.

Remember that you need to be comfortable no matter what temperature it is – but that doesn’t mean that you have to forsake all of your personal style.

Fashion for Any Age

How we dress when we are 20 isn’t necessarily how we will dress when we are 40. It just doesn’t make sense to do it that way. While we know that age is only a number and that you can really wear whatever you want, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to wear crop tops or short shorts if you are of a certain age.

Still, we don’t want to you to feel that if you are a certain age, a certain size, a certain profession, or a certain body shape that you cannot wear something – that doesn’t work. You can certainly wear what you want.

However, as you age you do want to build a style that you can keep. This will allow you to invest in better pieces and keep yourself in line when it comes to your shopping. But just how should you dress at every age? Here’s our take:

How To Dress When In Your Twenties

In your twenties, you are going to look better than you probably ever will again. When you are this age, you want to try everything that you possible can. You want to wear different types of clothing, different cuts, and different fabrics so that you can find what you really like.

How To Dress In Your Thirties

By the time you hit your thirties, you are probably financially stable enough to really invest in some great pieces. When you turn thirty, you want to start eliminating some of those pieces of clothing that just don’t fit, those that have stains, and those that you just don’t wear anymore.

Now, you want to invest in quality clothing that will make you feel good. One tip? Don’t wear heels every day – your hips and knees will thank you later.

How To Dress In Your Forties

When you are in your forties, you will have developed your own personal style. Now, you are able to wear whatever you want and probably afford some better pieces. Stick to wearing what you feel comfortable in, but don’t forget that you still have a great life and that you should dress up every now and again.

Remember that life doesn’t stop you from wearing what you want – you are the only person standing in your way of dressing like you’ve always imagined. Start by investing in quality pieces, and you will be shocked to see how your closet grows.

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