Perfumes: How to Finish Your Look

What do you smell like? For many of us, we don’t have a signature scent like people used to have. Instead, we wear just about anything to make ourselves feel like we don’t stink but that we aren’t obtrusive.

But what if we bring signature scents back? What if we started wearing perfumes that perfectly match our styles and our personalities? It is possible! Here are a few places to start:

For Date Night

If you are looking for the perfect perfume for a date night, you want something that is passionate and deep. You want something that will stick around when you leave, linger on sheets, car seats, or even just in the air as you walk away.

Look for scents that are fruity and bright but that have just a little bit of musk to them. You want a scent that is light and airy, but also has something a bit deeper when your beloved leans into you.

For the Office

Want something that is strong and bold, without being too obtrusive? You need a perfume for the office that you can trust to be around when things get tough or you start to get hot under the collar. Of course, you don’t want something that will give your coworkers a migraine.

For Every Day

What does your every day perfume smell like? For most of us, whether we are going to the theater to enjoy a show, going to grocery store to pick up a loaf of bread, or just going to pick up some mail, we want to smell good. For this, you want a perfume that is affordable and unobtrusive. Something that smells good but that doesn’t necessarily linger or make too much of an impression.

A perfume for every day needs to be high quality (because it will be put directly on your skin) but shouldn’t be too bold.

Something More Adult

Want an every day perfume that is just a little more adult and professional without being too bold? Look for perfumes that have muskier or floral undertones, as they tend to be marketed more toward an older crowd. Still, even if you are young you can make an impression with this type of perfume.

What do you want your signature scent to be?

Image by kaboompics licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)