Lipsticks You Need to Try

When you think about your make up bag, what is the one thing that you would put on if you only had five seconds? For so many of us, we can go without contouring or without some eyeshadow, but we cannot go without lipstick. Lips of all sizes are being celebrated right now, so you need to join in.

However, to people who haven’t played around with make up too much before, they are often intimidated by something other than a pale pink color or a clear gloss. Don’t be that person! Instead, you want to wiggle out of your box and try something new:

A Red

There is nothing more beautiful than a classic red shade – whether you are wearing a colorful outfit or all black, red compliments almost everything. You want a red that will make your teeth look whiter – so go for a red with a blue undertone. However, there are so many different shades within the red family that you will want to try out several before finding your own iconic shade.

A Pink

Nothing is more classic than a great pink lipstick, like we mentioned in the opening. Of course you will want a pink for those days when you don’t want to stand out but don’t want to have bare lips. Of course, there are many different pinks out there as well: pale, neon, bright, dark, dusty – the choices are endless.

A Black

Even if you don’t wear it often, owning a black lipstick can come in handy in many different ways. If you buy a liquid that is safe for the eyes, you can use it as a liner. You can use it to darken lipsticks that you already own. Or, you can go full goth and wear it on your lips.

A Great Nude

You need a nude in your life – you just do. These are the colors that you pop on when you do a really colorful eye make up look or just when you want to run to the corner store. There are so many different nude shades, so make sure you find one that makes you feel comfortable.

A Liquid Lipstick

Nothing beats the precision of a liquid lipstick. You can use the best liquid lipsticks to line your lips and then fill them in. They are also great for making ombre lips that can fool the eye into thinking your lips are plumper than they really are.

Which lipstick will you buy?

Image by kaboompics licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: pixabay)